~Intellectual Property

In addition to creating fun events, The Hottie Cooterati Experience wishes to maintain events of the highest integrity.  As such, certain guidelines will be adhered to in order to preserve the integrity of the business, its staff, and the creators who put their faith in me to protect them and their rights.

Items that infringe on the copyrights and trademarks of others (including but not limited to logos, fictional characters, and RL celebrities) may not be sold at any Hottie Cooterati events. Stores who carry these items, even if they do not sell them at the event, may be excluded as well.

Copybotted items, (including derivative works) will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the original creator.

As event organizer I will use my own best judgment in deciding who takes part in Hottie Cooterati events. Decisions will not require DMCA or other official filings.

I trust that those who are running an honest business, which are those I am honored and eager to do business with, will appreciate my firm stance on the matter.

If you have any questions regarding this statement or what may or may not be acceptable for our events, please feel free to contact me within Second Life at any time.

~RubyStarlight Writer


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