How We Do Blogging

The Hottie Cooterati Experience has an amazing team of 17 bloggers and one spectacularly organized blogger manager to handle the core of our event blogging.

Eleven of our bloggers are well-loved and respected bloggers who cover our events on their own blogs, using their own discretion on what items they want to review and showcase.  These bloggers applied and were hand selected based on the quality of their blog as well as their integrity in blogging.

The other 6 bloggers, our staff bloggers, not only blog their choice items on their own blogs, but also make sure that all participants in our events get coverage on The Hottie Cooterati Experience blog.  We make sure that no one who opts into blogging coverage is left out.

We do NOT ever pay bloggers to cover our events.*  Blog photos on the Hottie Cooterati blog are done with the intent of showing the items available in the event in an original way, not with an aim to review.  Our staff bloggers who choose to offer kind words and reviews of the items do so of their own free will, so you can trust that any opinion you read from our bloggers, is from their own honest perspective.  We feel that’s what blogging should be about.

Blog Manager:

Magenta DeVinna


Staff Bloggers:

Elysium Hynes

Maci Restless

Veenya Venter

Sylvia Olivier

Bouncer Criss

Jax Aster

Official Bloggers:

Strawberry Singh

Alicia Chenaux

Willow Zander

Gabe Bookmite

Cindy Gedenspire

Madison Morlim

Greta Gazov

Cieleste Magic

Takuya Kawashima

Chance Raynier

Harlow Heslop

*Bloggers may be rewarded for going above and beyond minimum staff requirements in the form of gifts or gift cards.  These gifts are distributed after events for a job well done, and not used as incentive to blog items or speak highly of items against their own personal judgment.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger for Hottie Cooterati events, please join the in-world group, The Hottie Cooterati Experience, for updates and open calls for bloggers.


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