The Hottie Cooterati Experience is a unique events company focused on providing more than just your standard event.  We focus on creative themes, original and elaborate builds, and carefully crafted executions to bring you not just an event, but an experience.  We do this all with the finest creators in Second Life that you know and love, as well as showcasing new and upcoming talents that you have yet to discover.

If you would like your store to participate in future events by The Hottie Cooterati Experience, please join our in world group and/or follow this blog for information on future plans.

We figure if creators and consumers are going to put their faith in us to bring them the quality we promise, we should tell you who we are and how we got here.


RubyStarlight Writer – Owner/Creative Director

Ruby’s experience with event planning dates back to 2008 when she began with an official fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America which raised over $7000US for the charity through exclusive creator items, music festivals, one of a kind auctions, and DJ hosted parties.  She teamed with another former events company as well to raise one-third of the funds through a date auction of well-known SL individuals.  Since then she has organized events for The Best of SL, ICON Magazine, SL musician Mankind Tracer, as well as conceived of many events and contests for SL designers including Nardcotix and Bliss Couture.  In 2012, she (along with Annette Voight) conceived of and executed the exciting Festival of Sin, and The Hottie Cooterati Experience was born.

She’s also the owner of Exposeur Poses & Animations and the founder of the very popular (if not controversial) SLuicideGirls blog.

Elysium Eilde – Graphic Designer/Creative Consultant

A company is only as good as it’s marketing, and none of that could be done without Elysium Eilde’s talents as a photographer and graphic designer.  She comes to SL with a Master’s of Arts degree in Graphic Design and uses her professional skills to make beautiful logos and ads for each event that will be sure to get you excited for what is to come.  Every single logo and marketing photo is original artwork themed to each of our events, we cut no corners and tailor our images to each event as much as we tailor each event to our themes and concepts.  She is also an integral part of conceptualizing each event, offering her own creative ideas and input from the perspective of a consumer and as a creator for her brand, elymode.

Garrett Ceriano – Designer Liaison

Garrett has spent a great deal of time working with mens designers for group, events and fashion shows such as Menstuff, Menswear Fashion Week and The Mens Dept (all respected ventures unaffiliated with The Hottie Cooterati Experience) and excels with his customer service skills and knowledge of each task he takes on.  He’s ready to help any creator and reach out to them to participate in our events, but we rely a lot on him to make sure the men aren’t neglected! He has a solid knowledge of the menswear and mens accessories creators in Second Life and he works to make sure that the male shoppers are as pleased with their shopping selections as the women by reaching out to mens creators to participate in our events.

Magenta DeVinna – Blogger Manager

As a seasoned blogger on her own blog Not Quite Pink and an active blogger for the SLuicideGirls, Magenta is in charge of one of the most important things for a successful event.  She maintains the Hottie Cooterati Experience blog and manages our staff bloggers to ensure that creators who participate in our events are getting the coverage they deserve both on here and on our official bloggers’ personal blogs.  We want to make sure that no creator gets overlooked and will have at least one post showcasing their creations that they put so much work into.  She’s also available for any questions from creators, shoppers, or bloggers about The HCE events.

Staff Bloggers:

Approved/Official Bloggers:


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