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And finally after much waiting the Lion is up, alone, moving slowly thru the jungle, but is it hunting or simple exploring?

Well Lions are a lot of things and even more so an amazing symbol, for centuries they have meant strength and power, but Leo is also one of the four fixed signs ruled by the sun in the Zodiac, and while usually male by nature, i decided to take it back and make it female and sexy, like many of the creator involved in Zodiac, the first SL event focused on Astrologic signs. This round starting tomorrow at SL noon and lasting until the 23rd of August.

It´s there you will find this gorgeous new skin release by MONS in 3 tones with a wide variety of makeups, 3 new pose packs from aDORKable, each one more fun the other, exploring the many sides of Leo.

Also from this edition of Zodiac, is the Miamai dress, in bright print and colours, and the claw pumps from [HANDverk], i don´t advise many people to walk thru the jungle in heels but these do seem to be quite fitting for it, turning into an extension of your feet.

And speaking of jungle i had this truly amazing scene by Arctic Greenhouse saved up for this pictures, and i will certainly show more of it has the lion slowly stretches out, to bask in the sun like a big cat, or walks to the stream for a drink. Ears and eyes always ready to spot the sign of a prey.

Shape: mine 
Skin: MONS – Masha Skin (Zodiac)
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Clawtooth –  Serendipity (Hair Fair)
Dress: Miamai – Amaria Lion (Zodiac)
Pumps – [HANDverk] – Claw Pump
Bangles – Maxi Gossamer – Athena

Poses by aDORKable – Playful Leo (Zodiac)

Jungle scene by Arctic Greenhouse